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Cleaning Services NYC

cleaning services new york

Our cleaning ladies will do their best to provide you with excellent services on every visit and every part of your housing. Here is our checklist of what our basic cleaning includes.

Cleaning Services Checklist

    Dust: includes furniture, shelves as well as the light dusting of blinds and shutters, ceiling fans & windows.


    Cobwebs: our attentive maids will thoroughly look for cobwebs and remove them in all of your room.


    Glass: they will dust and clean all glass surfaces you have


    Trash: trash in all rooms will be emptied.


    Handles: our maids will clean & disinfect all knobs, door handles, switches and outlets.


    Stairs and Hallways: Sweep, mop & vacuum stairs, hallways, entrance and rails.


    Beds: changing of linens, making of beds. Dusting under your beds if it is possible.


    Walls and Baseboard: we will attempt to remove any visible stains on your walls and baseboards.


    Doors and Doorways: dusting of all of your doors & doorways. We will attempt to remove any visible stains on your doors and doorways.


    Ceiling Fans:  Dusting of all ceiling fans as much as it is possible.


    Windows and Blinds: Light dusting of inner windows & blinds.



    Appliances: our cleaning ladies will clean, dry and shine all of kitchen exteriors.


    Sink: othe cleaning, scrubbing and sanitization. Dishes washing.


    Stove: the cleaning of a stove drip pans & burner grates. Our maid will also control knobs


    Counter Tops: the washing & sanitization of all countertops


    Cabinets: the wiping of cabinets fronts & light polishing of them.


    Microwave: the cleaning of your microwave oven inside & out (it also includes turntable).


    Refrigerator :  the cleaning, drying & shining of the exterior; our cleaning ladies will also clean even your beloved magnets on the fridge.



    Sink and Counter Top:  the cleaning, drying & shining of all present exteriors.


    Shower and Tub: the cleaning, scrubbing & sanitization. The washing of dishes.


    Toilets: the scrubbing of a toilet (includes bowl, seat, lid, tank & base.


    Mirrors and Fixtures: the washing & sanitizing of all countertops.


    Cabinets: the wiping of  all cabinets fronts, light polishing.


    High-Pressure Steam Sanitizing

Forget about old-fashioned manual maid service. We offer deep sanitizing with high-pressure steamers that will help your bathroom and other house places to be free of any infections and allergens. Be advanced with Maid Service-NYC. 

    Cleaning Services For Your Specific Needs

We fully understand that each customer has its own checklist. That is why we offer an opportunity to customize all of our cleaning services according to your specific individual needs. While booking our cleaning services, please let our representative to know what cleaning services you would like to include into your checklist. If do not see something missing in the cleaning services check list just add it.

Maid Service-NYC offers the same day cleaning services at no additional charge. Our cleaning ladies availability is limited so call us as soon as yu know for sure your preferred time for our cleaning services..

cleaning services new york


    Our Cleaning Services Results Guarantee

Maid Service-NYC is ready to meet your even highest demands and expectations. That is why we offer redoing of any cleaning service which you are not satisfied with. Our cleaning lady will not leave your apartment until you are completely content with our cleaning services results.

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